Join Us For An Activity

Following a passion, hobby, or talent member(s) share with others forming an activity group.

Activities usually meet on various weekdays. The occurrence of each varies from monthly, weekly to occasionally.

$ denotes a material fee or self-pay.

Adventurers Club 

About FOUR exciting outings/day trips are offered during the year.

Chapters Book Club

One gathering and one book to discuss each month. Reading list is a group decision and includes all genres.

Chick Flicks

$ it's lunch and a matinee at Brandywine Towne Center once a month.

Dinner Club

$ Meeting every other month open to couples; bring a friend or come alone for the company. Local restaurants are chosen throughout the greater KS area.

Double Bridge

First week, second week and third week of the month Bridge groups give opportunity to be a serial player.

Hand, Foot & Knee

It's a card game! Lots of laughs and a great way to start your day; once a month.

Home & Garden

$ Crafting and learning from a Master Gardener. Leave with new ideas for your home and garden.

Jewelry Making 

$ Master crafter will lead a teaching session with a  project to take home. Meets occasionally.

Ladies Night Out 

$ Started for those women without a spouse or partner, but those willing to leave theirs at home are welcome. Meets several times a year.

Lite Lunch

A pop-up salad-bar as participants bring one ingredient to share.  Enjoy an hour long conversation, and get caught up and leave feeling recharged.


A tile-based game with many versions. Requires memory and strategy. It could be your new obsession.

Monthly Luncheons

$ Guest speakers, formal dining and a chance to see the largest  gathering for KSANC each month.

Needles & Thread

Do you Create using a needle and thread/yarn?  Learn from others or just  enjoy the company in this updated version of the sewing  circle.


Old hands (pun) or if you're new to the game, everyone is welcome to this once a month group.

Always Adding

Are you a Member with a talent, passion or hobby and  willing to share with others?  There are always members willing to explore.